Clean Up for the Interview!

Ok, this should be obvious, but for an interview, you want to put your best foot forward.  A big part of this is cleaning up and dressing right.  No one wants a sloppy co-worker, and how you present yourself in an interview will tell your potential employer what they should expect from you.



Here are a few tips on presentation…

Take a Bath – Sounds silly, but you want to bathe before the meeting.  Use a good deodorizing soap and wash your hair.  If you have dandruff, make sure you are using a good shampoo that will control it.  After the bath, apply a high quality deodorant.

Shave – Women wearing a dress or skirt should shave their legs, while men should shave their face.  Men’s facial hair is a point of concern with some employers, while no big deal elsewhere.  But universally, it should be neat.  If possible, try to fin out ahead of time what is acceptable.

For example, a police department may allow a mustache, but not a beard.  A medical sales position may not allow either.  On the other hand, an engineering firm may allow a full beard.  You have to know your employer.

A clean shaven face is the safest route.  However, if you do have facial hair, keep it trimmed and neat.  Use a beard trimmer to keep things neat and tidy.  The last thing you want is to walk into an interview looking like a pirate who’s been at sea for months without a bath.

Brush Your Teeth – Clean teeth and fresh breath can make a huge difference.  If you knock down the secretary with your breath you will not be landing the job.  Brush your teeth just before you leave for the interview and rinse with mouthwash.  It is also a good idea to have breath mints in your car.  Pop a breath mint in your mouth when walking through the parking lot of your future employer so you have minty breath when you enter the building.

Wear Your Best Business Attire – This should be another no-brainer, but wear your best business clothes.  Note that I did not say your best clubbing attire.  Dress should be conservative and professional.  Dark colors generally work best, but this is not an absolute.  Pay the money for dry cleaning and men add a touch of starch to those shirts.

Asking for the Interview


In the past, I was always afraid to ask for an interview.  I told myself that I did not want to appear too forward or pushy.  Those were excuses for my real problem – I lacked confidence in myself and in my abilities.  Because of this, I let too many opportunities go by.  Who knows what I may have missed because of this.

What I know now is that I have to be confident in my demeanor and approach.  This means I have to ask for an interview.  If I never ask, they will never call.  If they do not call, I do not eat.  It really is that simple.

Where does confidence come from?  Competence and desire.  If you are extremely well qualified for the position for which you are applying, you will likely have the confidence to ask for the interview.

If you lack the needed skills, but have the desire to get the position, you can use that desire to overcome your reluctance to ask for the interview.  That desire will also drive you to learn about the position and begin developing or improving the skills you need.  That way, when the interview comes around, you do have what they need.

Ask for the interview!  If you never ask, you will never get that job!

Adding a Resources Section

I’ve added a resources page (click the link in the top menu.)  The resources section will have information on job training, education, skill development and other things that I come across.  The links will take you off site to various other places that I have checked out.  If you know of any good places I should add, please let me know in the comments section.

Getting A Job: Dominate Your Interview

jobThe economy is in shambles and there are a lot of very good, talented people looking for work.  The best jobs are drying up, and it is becoming harder for skilled people to find employment.  That is something I hope to help you with.

I know how tough it is to find a good job.  Anyone can walk into Taco Bell and pick up a part-time gig.  If you don’t have any cash coming in, go and get a part time job immediately!  It is hard to find good work if you are hungry.

I hope to help you, the job seeker, with some tips to land an interview, how to impress the people doing the hiring, and to get that job.  It will not be easy; however, it is worth it.

Do not get frustrated and don’t get down on yourself!  You can get a job in even the worst economies.  Keep at it and you will be rewarded!